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New Story:  THOMAS

Fuck, he was really hot.
Thomas.  I’d drempt about being with him…maybe that’s why when he had a hard time finding an apartment, I couldn’t volunteer fast enough.
He was young, straight, cocky.  Everything that brought me quivering to my knees…and with a smooth, toned chest and strong, hairy legs, I just wanted to cling to him.

When he moved in, life quickly resumed its boring college-shaped normality.  We’d both go to class, come home, and hang out in our own rooms.  I really only ever saw him in the kitchen when I was cooking, and he didn’t actually seem to cook, really.  He always had take-out from one place or another.  He wasn’t unfriendly…but I could tell that I wasn’t in his circle of friends.

One Friday night I was in my room, Thomas was in his, and as usual for a weekend I was playing with all of the toys that I’d accumulated from my previous relationships.  I had a thing for self-bondage and for the appearance of helplessness.  A game I’ve played with myself for years would be to tie myself to my bed, or to my chair, or lock myself in a dog kennel I kept folded in my closet, then train a camera on myself and start ChatRoulette.  The feeling of being exposed and vulnerable felt amazing, not to mention the chance that a straight guy might take enjoyment in my plight.  I loved to play it up, to struggle and moan, roleplaying that I was the captive of some crazed Master…but in reality all I needed was a couple of minutes to unloop the nooses at the head of the bed, or fetch the keys for the handcuffs behind my chair, or unlock the dog kennel with spare keys inside the cage.  The scenario was never real — never unsafe.

That day I’d chosen the spread-eagle method.

First I locked on a plastic chastity device.  I liked the look of them — they prevented my getting hard and made me look even more helpless.  After that I’d tied my legs to the bed, gagged myself with a tight ballgag, placed my computer between my legs, propped up on a box, so that it woud catch my thighs upward looking down, and then started the webpage.  Quickly I slipped my hands into prepared nooses at the corners of the top of the mattress pulling them tight.  With my fingertips I checked the loose ends — it shouldn’t take me more than a couple of minutes to get them loose.

The first guy who didn’t next me was a big fat mexican.  In my mind I imagined that I was being held by an international drug cartel, struggling in my bonds and looking at him with wide, pleading eyes.  He laughed and said something to me in Spanish, which only served to deepen the fantasy.  He flipped his cock out of his sweatpants and began stroking himself as I humped the air fruitlessly with my locked cock, wishing that I could stroke my own cock.

And so it went for awhile.  A businessman.  A twink.  A jock.  Thomas.

My heart stopped and my cock shrank in my chastity cage as I stared at him and he stared at me.  For a wonderous split second, he looked down to the other corner of his screen and moved his hand as if he was going to next me…and then his eyes lit with recognition.

"No fucking way…"  I heard him say over the microphone.  And then he was gone.  He’d stood up, dashed out of frame, and I could hear footsteps in the hallway.  Wildly I started thrashing, fingertips reaching for the loose rope.

"Yo, Jon?"  a knocking at my door.  The loose ropes seemed farther away, but I finally managed to get ahold of one, when the door crashed inward and Thomas burst into the room.  He looked down at me and his mouth formed a thin line.

"Jesus."  his eyes flickered over my form, lighting finally on my grasping fingertips.  In what looked like a single lunge he vaulted over to my bed, pinning my wrists down.  Deftly he tied the loose ends of the rope to the cord joining the noose to the bed, preventing me from undoing it, and then stepped off me.

"The fuck is this?" he asked.  I blushed, my cock still shrinking in its cage.  He shook his head.  "I fuckin’ knew it.  …fuckin’ queer."  Tears started to form at the corners of my eyes as he wandered around the room looking at the gear.  Finally he reached an arm behind my head, pulling at the gag.  His eyes bored into mine.

"You’re gonna answer my questions.  Got it, buddy?"  I nodded my head, eyes wide with fear.  The gag slipped from my mouth and I worked my jaw, uncomfortably.

"What’s this all about?" he asked.
"…I like…to feel helpless sometimes."  I answered, meekly.  He nodded, thinking.
"And what’s this thing on your dick…some kind of cock ring?"  I shook my head.
"Uhm…it’s called a Chastity Device.  When it’s locked on I can’t get hard and I can’t cum.  I use it to make myself feel more helpless."  he nodded again, eyes darting around the room.  They landed on my desk.  Striding over he picked up two keys joined by a short metal loop.  His eyes returned to mine.

"These are the keys aren’t they?"  …I nodded, after a moment.  Swallowing hard.  Thomas placed the keys in his pocket, and I cried out.
"What are you doing?"
He turned to face me.
"I’m not sure yet.  I’ll figure it out, though."
I thrashed against the rope.  He resumed looking around the room.
"Please, Thomas, please untie me and give me the keys back."
He paused in his scrutiny of my room, turning to face me again.
"What’s in it for me?"
I blinked.  “What?”
He leaned over the bed.
"You heard me.  What’s.  In it.  For me?"
I whimpered, trying to close my legs…but to no avail.
"What do you want?"  he smirked.  Finally he reached upward with his hands, untying mine from the bed before stepping off it, hands on his hips.
"I want you to get down here."
"Now, Jon."
…heart racing I untied my legs, and stepped off the bed.
"On your knees."
Reluctantly I lowered myself to my knees.  Suddenly I was level with Thomas’ crotch, and as my brain processed that, blood flew southward, my cock swelling inside my cage…and I was left trying to control myself, worried that Thomas would be disgusted by my arousal.
He didn’t seem to take notice, though.  He simply unzipped his jeans, and reached into his boxers, pulling out a flaccid three and half inches of uncut, musky meat.
"Suck."  he said, brusquely.  I reached forward with my hands.  He slapped them away, face reddening with irritation.
"I didn’t say you could touch me."  he growled.  He waved his cock in front of me again.
Clenching my hands behind my back, I took him into my mouth, working up and down the shaft with my tongue.  Thomas moaned gently, his cock hardening in my mouth as I sucked, my own penis growing in its cage.  With his foot, Thomas nudged against the cock cage, sending a ripple of pleasure through me, making me moan around his cock.  After a couple of minutes he placed his hand on the back of my head and thrust into me, his cock exploding with cum as my gag reflex struggled to take the intruder.  He pulled out and I swallowed more on instinct than on desire, licking my lips to avoid spilling any of his seed.  He looked down at me impassively.
"It’s not as good as a bitch…but it’ll do in the meantime."  he seemed to be talking more to himself than to me, and turned on his heel to leave the room.  I shuffled after him on my knees.
He did not turn, but kept his hand on the doorknob.
"…uhm…can I…please?"
His head dipped forward.
"I don’t like boys.  You do.  You got yourself into this, don’t blame me."
He turned the doorknob and pulled it open a few inches.
"Please!"  I begged.  "I can’t go without cumming forever!"
He paused, door halfway open.
"I’ll think about it."  he said, slowly.
"But in exchange for my thinking about it, you will leave your door open, you will no longer wear clothes in the house, and you will suck my dick whenever I damn well please.  Do you understand?"
I whimpered, looking down at my locked cock.  What choice did I have?
"…yes, Thomas…" I whined, looking down at the ground.

He turned on his heel and left without another word.